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Mp3 Songs Download From The Tamil Movie Laadam
Music By Dharan

Laadam - Dharan

Laadam - Dharan

LaadamTamil Movie, Laadam Songs Download Music By Dharan - Laadam

Laadam (2009 FILM) Full Cast & Crew

Movie : Laadam

Music : Dharan

Production : Cosmos Entertainments

Director : Prabhu Salmon

Starring : Aravindhan, Charmi

Year Released : 2009

Language : Tamil

Lyrics : Na.Muthukumar

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Atlantic Oceanukku


Singer(s) : Suchitra -™



Singer(s) : Benny, Dr. Burn, Jazz -™



Singer(s) : Rahul Nambiar, Suvi, Jazz -™

Siru Thoduthalile


Singer(s) : Flute -™

Siru Thoduthalile


Singer(s) : Haricharan, Bombay Jayashri -™

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Movie Laadam Music Review by

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Laadam Songs Free Download

Vocals: Dr. Burn, Jazz (well, well) Benny, Rahul Nambiar

A curious mix of hip-hop and rap here. The words are literally spat out by the singers and you don’t get to understand them easily. Seems to be an ‘arm-flexing’ kind of song. For the young.

Siru Thoduthalile
Vocals: Bombay Jayashree, Haricharan
A fairly simple melody with Jayashree using a slightly different, trembly kind of voice to render the number.Talks of the tender thrills of love. Good use of flute and guitars.

Atlantic Oceanukku
Vocals: Suchitra

A song with an almost hedonistic appeal to enjoy life here and today, sung appropriately by Suchitra. The song itself has a techno feel to it. The done-to-death rhythm for this song is enlivened by guitars and some trumpet sounds.

Vocals: Jazz, Benny, Haricharan, Rahul Nambiar, Suvi

The word Makkah is a distinct Tirunelveli word used among men. The song is a funny blend of hip-hop rendering tuned to bhangra beats. Another ‘muscle-flexing’kind of song. Again, could appeal to the youth.

Siru Thoduthalile
Flute Instrumental: Navin Iyer

A pleasant interpretation of song-2, right through the flute with minimal inputs from the strings and keys. A soft rendering from Navin with delicate sangatis.


Well, Dharan is new to the field and it shows in the musical interludes. There is heavy influence of his earlier album Sivi, which got him lots of accolades. He needs to expand on his musical idiom, which, one is certain he will, with time. But, overall, Laadam is worthy a listen.

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