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Pirivom Santhippom Tamil Movie Songs mp3 Download
 Music By Vidyasagar

Pirivom Santhippom - Vidyasagar

Pirivom Santhippom - Vidyasagar

Pirivom SanthippomTamil Movie, Pirivom Santhippom Songs Download Music By Vidyasagar - Pirivom Santhippom

Pirivom Santhippom (2007 FILM) Full Cast & Crew

Movie : Pirivom Santhippom

Music : Vidyasagar

Production : Gnanam Films Pvt. Ltd

Director : Karu Pazhaniappan

Starring : Cheran, Sneha, Moulee, Jayaram, Shanmugarajan, M.S. Bhaskar

Year Released : 2007

Language : Tamil

Lyrics : Yugabarathi, Jeyantha & Kabilan

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Iru Vizhiyo


Singer(s) : Saindhavi, Vineeth Sreenivasan

Kandaen Kandaen


Singer(s) : Karthik, Swetha

Kandum Kanamal


Singer(s) : Sadhana Sargam

Medhuva Medhuva


Singer(s) : Harini, Karthik



Singer(s) : Jeyaram, Shreya Ghoshal

Soll Soll


Singer(s) : Balram

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Movie Pirivom Santhippom Music Review by

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Pirivom Santhippom

Family plot-based films familiarly deal with familial bonding, feuds, follies. follow? But though family plot-based, Pirivoam... differs. Hence, it succeeds. The story and director are the actual hero/ heroine in the film, driving it ahead. Pirivoam... deals with family relationships and group dynamics within a family.

The story deals with some of their attitudes, the respect and loyalty the younger generation in this family shows towards the family’s seniors, along with their bitter-sweet moments, losses, gains and celebrations.

Sneha, with an urban background, marries Cheran and steps into a large traditional joint family with 35 members. Though the group dynamics of a large family initially overwhelm her, she adjusts to the same. She follows the traditional norms of the household and dutifully accepts family practices. For young Sneha, the relatives’ presence and relative interference appeals as a rare treasure in the increasingly independent life; she basks in marital bliss, secure in the caring cocoon of her husband’s loving family, blooming in the midst of fond and caring family members of all sizes, ages and quirks. She thinks she cannot survive even a single day if separated from this lovable family. Predictable, to move Cheran’s story forward, Sneha is forced to vacate this warm nest. Alone, she feels lost, incomplete, longing for the warm support she had got used to.

Why did she leave the house? Will she return? Will she end the story thus? Who/ what circumstance will rescue her?

Beautiful Sneha lingers on audiences’ minds as Sala. Her plight wrings audiences’ hearts to a great deal. Cheran shines with his natural performance. It is difficult to isolate each artist’s performance in Pirivoam..Jayaram as the psychiatrist impresses with his excellent performance. Without the valuable support of the remaining large cast, the movie would not have been this striking. Neither Cheran nor Sneha has ’sung’ in the movie; the director says there is no situation which requires them to break out into song. A grand Chettinad wedding was created exclusively for the film creating immense grandeur and authenticity.

Vidyasagar’s tunes for Pirivoam... are based on pure melody. ’Kandaen Kandaen’s’ melodious tune resembles the yesteryear hit ’Andimazhai Pozhigiradhu’. ’Kandum Kanamal’ transports the listeners to a different world and ’Iru Vizhiyo’ is charming, with a sweet and immediate appeal evoking the joyful mood. Karu Pazhaniappan has crafted a saga that gracefully stresses the importance of relationships and family values. His apt and sharp dialogues aptly convey the intended emotions.

Pirivoam Sandhippoam has possibly started an inspiring trend to change the idiom of modern Tamil cinema.

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